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Project Management

The Handbook of Project-Based Management : Leading Strategic Change in Organizations
J. Rodney Turner
| 3rd Edition| ISBN-10: 0071549749  | ISBN-13: 978-0071549745 | 2008 | DOWNLOAD |

Discover How to Dramatically Improve the Processes of Project-Based Management in Any Organization!
One of the most influential books ever written on the development of project management, The Handbook of Project-Based Management has been completely revised for a new generation of students and practitioners. The Third Edition now features a major change in focus from delivering corporate objectives to achieving strategic change, including embedding corporate change after a project is completed.
Filled with over 150 illustrations, The Third Edition of The Handbook of Project-Based Management contains:
·         A rigorous guide to project management practice for the twenty-first century
·         Complete tools for managing project performance and process
·         New to this edition: new focus on achieving strategic change; new information on the project life cycle; new applications to different industries; new material on strategic design, stakeholders, and organizational capability; shift in emphasis from administrative procedures to governance
Inside this Cutting-Edge Guide to Twenty-First Century Project Management
• The Context of Projects: • Projects for Delivering Beneficial Change • Project Success and Strategy • The People Involved • Managing Performance: • Scope • Project Organization • Quality • Cost • Time • Risk • Managing the Process: • Project Process • Project Start-Up • Project Execution and Control • Project Close-Out • Governance of Project-Based Management: • Project Governance • Program and Portfolio Management • Developing Organizational Capability • Governance of the Project-Based Organization • International Projects.
Leed–New Construction Project Management
Vijaya Yellamraju, LEED AP
|1st Edition| ISBN 978-0-07-174445-4| 2011 | DOWNLOAD |

A One-Stop Guide to Managing LEED-New Construction Projects
This GreenSource book explains, step by step, how to integrate LEED-New Construction (NC) rating system requirements into the building design and construction processes. Project planning, goals, coordination, implementation, and documentation are covered in detail.
LEED-New Construction Project Management provides a tested framework for taking a project from inception to successful certification and shows you how to master the tools to make the process more efficient. Three in-depth case studies covering new commercial building construction, major renovations, and a portfolio of buildings highlight the strategies presented in the book.
LEED-New Construction Project Management covers:
* The LEED rating system and LEED-NC credit categories
* The project management process
* Project definition and goal setting
* Design phase integration
* Construction phase implementation
* The LEED process: adaptability, applicability, and best practices
* Future trends
* Credit implementations: sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources; indoor environmental quality; innovation in design.

Project Planning, Scheduling & Control : The Ultimate Hands-On Guide To Bringing Projects In On Time And On Budget
James P. Lewis
| 5th Edition| ISBN 978-0071746526 | 2011 | Download |

Practical, Proven, and Down-to-Earth Guidance for Effective Project Management
First published in 1991, Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control has become the standard guidebook for achieving real-world project management success. Renowned for its non-theoretical exploration of the techniques—and even more important, the flexibility—required in day-to-day project management situations, this unique step-by-step book provides principles that apply to every phase of guiding a project to its successful conclusion.
Thoroughly updated to encompass the tremendous technological and workplace changes of the past decade—with exceptional illustrations and graphics to illuminate key points—this clearly written, applications-oriented project management blueprint reveals easy-to-follow guidelines for: * Maintaining control of multiple simultaneous projects * Dealing with the "people" issues involved in project teams * Developing a workable project methodology
Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control is much more than just a static, one-size-fits-all answer book. Keeping the focus on state-of-the-art approaches for managing the whole project—as opposed to simply presenting yesterday’s well-worn jargon—it shows you how to view a project from all angles, and teaches you the principles necessary to solve a wide variety of project-related difficulties.
"My purpose in life has been to translate topics that may be a bit difficult into understandable, bite-size pieces that people can digest. This has become my trademark…and I hope it will remain so." —From the Preface
In Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control, 3rd Edition, James P. Lewis—one of the top experts and best-known authors in the timely project management field—outlines a well-ordered system for project management, and continues his trademark approach of providing professional guidance that is down-to-earth, readable, and understandable. This start-to-finish template explains the core methods, principles, and practices of project management, and is of immense value for anyone who needs to meet ISO performance criteria, achieve top performance, and attain specified project goals—every time.
No other authority has contributed as much to the project management discipline as Jim Lewis. From discussing the role of the project manager and drawing up the steps to develop an implementation plan through explaining the latest psychological findings in motivation and leadership, Lewis lays out a detailed roadmap for completing any project on time, within budget, and at the desired result level.
Whether you are experienced at managing simultaneous projects or have just received your first critical assignment, Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control will show you how to: * Develop a methodology—using the Lewis Method flow chart—that is standardized for ease of use, yet unique enough to achieve each project’s specific goals * Understand and utilize the tools of project management—work breakdown structures, PERT, CPM, earned value analysis, Gantt schedules, and more * Combine management and leadership proactively, satisfying the needs of both your organization and your coworkers involved in the project.

Managing Performance in Construction
Leonhard E. Bernold and Simaan M. AbouRizk
| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-0-470-17164-6| 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

Construction is the country's single largest manufacturing industry. However, it is a sector that lacks benchmarks against which to gauge performance. This modern thinking intends to provide insight to construction productivity improvement. Taking cues from manufacturing sectors such as computer, automobile and chemical companies, this book will apply the lessons learned to building construction. Supported with a range of pedagogical devices, the book will be of equal value to construction managers and civil engineers, and students with different learning methods.

Case Studies In Project, Program , And Organizational Project Management
Dragan Z. Milosevic, Peerasit Patanakul, Sabin Srivannaboon
| 1st Edition| ISBN 9780470183885 | 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

The ever expanding market need for information on how to apply project management principles and the PMBOK contents to day-to-day business situations has been met by our case studies book by Harold Kerzner.  That book was a spin-off from and ancillary to his best selling text but has gained a life of its own beyond adopters of that textbook.  All indications are that the market is hungry for more cases while our own need to expand the content we control, both in-print and online woudl benefit from such an expansion of project management "case content".  The authors propose to produce a book of cases that compliment Kerzner's book.  A book that offers cases beyond the general project management areas and into PMI's growth areas of program management and organizational project management.  The book will be structured to follow the PMBOK in coverage so that it can not only be used to supplement project management courses, but also for self sudy and training courses for the PMP Exam.

The Project Success Method : A Proven Approach For Achieving Superior Project Performance In As Little As*5 Days
Clinton M. Padgett
| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-0470455838| 2009 | DOWNLOAD |

The Project Success Method is a unique, proven and fire-tested methodology which allows companies, groups or managers to learn and develop consistency in the way they plan, schedule, manage, control and close out projects on time, per spec and within budget-- in as little as 5 days.
Over the last 25 years, the methodology has been used around the world by manufacturers of heavy equipment, electronics, aircraft components, paper products, beverages, electric and gas utilities, hotel and restaurant chains, and companies in the financial services, telecommunications, real estate, entertainment, and transportation industries. The Project Success Method has proven effective in a vast array of project applications, including new product development and introduction, IT systems development and implementation, process improvement initiatives, marketing programs, engineering and architectural design, construction and renovation, facility relocations and startups, mergers and acquisitions, major industrial maintenance and special events.

What Executives Need To Know About Project Management
Harold Kerzner and Frank P. Saladis
| 1st Edition| ISBN 9780470500811| 2009 | DOWNLOAD |

Discover how executives can apply the Kerzner Approach® to improve project management
As an executive today, you need to become more involved in project management. That doesn't mean you need to become a project manager, but rather you need to know how to set the stage for a project's success, oversee its execution, and intervene directly at key strategic moments. Here's the book that gives you everything you need to know about your role in project management clearly and succinctly.
Based on principles set forth in the bestselling Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, Tenth Edition, this easy-to-follow guide focuses on the pivotal role you play as an executive in project management. It introduces the acclaimed Kerzner Approach®, demonstrating how it empowers you with the skills needed to ensure that projects are completed successfully, on time, and on budget.
The International Institute for Learning/Wiley Series in Project Management features
the most innovative, tested-and-proven approaches to project management,
all explained in clear, straightforward language. The series offers new perspectives on solving tough project management problems as well as practical tools for
getting the job done. Each book in the series is drawn from the related IIL course and is written by noted project management experts.

What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management
Harold Kerzner and Frank Saladis
| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-0-470-52547-0 | 2009 | DOWNLOAD |

Discover how functional managers can apply the Kerzner Approach to project management
As a functional manager today, you need to become more involved in project management. That doesn't mean you need to become a project manager, but rather you need to know how to perform specific project-related tasks, work with project team members, understand each other's priorities and problems, and resolve issues jointly. Now here's the book that gives you everything you need to know about your role in project management clearly and succinctly.
Based on principles set forth in the bestselling Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, Tenth Edition, this easy-to-follow guide focuses on the pivotal role you play as an executive in project management. It introduces the acclaimed Kerzner Approach, demonstrating how it empowers functional managers with the skills needed to ensure that projects are completed successfully, on time, and on budget.

Project Management Best Practices : Achieving Global Excellence
Harold Kerzner
| 2nd Edition| ISBN 047179368X 978-0471793687 | 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

Best practices in the global market for successful project management
Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence presents unique, firsthand accounts of how corporations around the world incorporate project management into their strategic business operations. This book is the global-perspective follow-up to Kerzner's bestselling Advanced Project Management: Best Practices on Implementation, Second Edition (0-471-47284-0).
Senior management from more than fifty global Fortune 500 companies-such as Computer Associates, Motorola, Johnson Controls, Nortel, Satyam, and Infosys-present their best practices in project management, including new and previously unpublished material. These industry leaders offer insight into best practices for:
* Project risk management
* Project management for multinational cultures and cultural failures
* Integrated and virtual project teams
Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence is a must-have resource for competitive corporate managers, project and team managers, engineers, project team members, and business consultants in today's global market.

Microsoft Project 2010 Project Management: Real World Skills for Certification and Beyond
Robert Happy
| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-0-470-56110-2 | 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

The ideal on-the-job reference guide for project managers who use Microsoft Project 2010
This must-have guide to using Microsoft Project 2010 is written from a real project manager's perspective and is packed with information you can use on the job. The book explores using Project 2010 during phases of project management, reveals best practices, and walks you through project flow from planning through tracking to closure. This valuable book follows the processes defined in the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition, and also provides exam prep for Microsoft's MCTS: Project 2010 certification.
·         Explains Microsoft Project 2010, the leading software tool for project managers
·         Shows working project managers practical ways to use Project 2010 on the job
·         Delves into project planning, tracking, reporting, and project closure, and explores best practices for all phases of planning
·         Reveals new software features, including tools that show what factors are affecting the schedule, a "what-if" scenario builder, and how slippages affect other aspects of the project
·         Follows processes and procedures from The Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Fourth Edition
·         Covers the skill set required for the MCTS: Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects certification, so you can use this book for exam prep 
This valuable book follows the processes defined in the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition, and also provides exam prep for Microsoft's MCTS: Project 2010, Managing Projects certification.
Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. 
Project Management For Dummies
Stanley E. Portny
| 3rd Edition| ISBN 978-0-470-57452-2 | 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

The tools you need for successful project management
In today's time-crunched, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. Now with 25% new and updated content, Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition introduces you to the principles of successful project management and shows you how to motivate any team to gain maximum productivity.
You'll learn how to organize, estimate, and schedule projects efficiently and effectively. You'll also discover how to manage deliverables, issue changes, assess risks, maintain communications, and live up to expectations by making the most of the latest technology and software and by avoiding common problems that can trip up even the best project managers.
·         The latest methods to manage resources and stay on track and within a budget
·         New coverage of the pros and cons of virtual teams
·         Fresh tactics for team motivation and the hottest risk management strategies
·         Explanations of concepts tested in the PMP certification exam with study tips and practices to help you pass
Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition gives professionals like you everything you need to be successful project managers.

Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology: Principles and Practice
John M. Nicholas and Herman Steyn
| 3rd Edition| 0750683996 978-0750683999 | 2008 | DOWNLOAD |

Project Management for Business, Engineering and Technology, 3rd edition is a direct response to the ever-increasing need for better project management. First covering the essential background, from origins and philosophy to methodology, the main bulk of the book is dedicated to the concepts and techniques of practical application, including project initiation and proposals, scope and task definition, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, control, project organization and all-important "people" aspects--project leadership, team building, conflict resolution and stress management.
The Systems Development Cycle is used as a framework to discuss project management in a variety of situations, making this the go-to book for managing virtually any kind of project, program or task force. Focusing on projects as goal-oriented systems of interrelated components functioning in a larger environment, the book targets the ultimate purpose of project management--to unify and integrate the interests, resources and work efforts of many stakeholders, as well as schedules, budgets, and plans, to accomplish the overall project goal.
This new edition provides:
* A comprehensive, balanced view that emphasizes both the behavioral and quantitative sides of project management
* Methods, procedures and systems for defining, planning, scheduling, controlling and organizing project activities
* Methods and procedures for handling the organziational, managerial and human behavioral issues relevant to project management
* Tools and concepts of growing importance, including project methodology, the project management office, project portfolio management and international project management
* Over 100 examples and case studies to illustrate theory in practice
* Extensive instructor support materials, including PowerPoint slides, exam questions and answers, case studies, teaching suggestions, useful websites, additional reading and teaching materials, when you log in to Elsevier's textbook site for the book at http: //textbooks.elsevier.com/companions/9780750683999
This book is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate university students, and for practicing managers in business, engineering and technology.
John Nicholas is Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management, Loyola University, Chicago. He is an active teacher, writer and researcher in project management and manufacturing management.
Herman Steyn is Professor at the Department of Engineering and Technology Management, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
* Takes a unique systems approach to project management, relevant to the management of virtually any kind of project, program or task force
* New case studies, including Proposal Evaluation for Apollo Spacecraft, The Big Dig: Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project and Maxim Corporation America
* New chapters on growing areas such as project methodology, the project management office, project portfolio management and international project management
* Extensive instructor support materials, including PowerPoint slides, exam questions and answers, case studies, teaching suggestions, useful websites, additional reading and teaching materials, when you log in to Elsevier's textbook site for the book at http: //textbooks.elsevier.com/companions/9780750683999

Project Management that Works: Real-World Advice on Communicating, Problem Solving, and Everything Else You Need to Know to Get the Job Done
Rick A. Morris with Brette McWhorter Sember
| 5Edition| ISBN-10: 0-814-40988-1 |ISBN-13: 978-0-814-40988-6 | 2008 | DOWNLOAD |


From the Inside Flap

There is a noticeable and growing problem in project management—a huge and disturbing gap has emerged between project management theory and its application. Project managers know how to run a risk meeting, but not how to negotiate the upper levels of power in their corporations. If you’re a new project manager, you may know how to plan a project, but not how to negotiate dates with your sponsors. You may understand the principles, but not how to apply them in the real world in effective ways. What you need is a guide that will give you the tools to work effectively within any corporate culture and accomplish goals in a timely and productive manner.
Project Management That Works helps you deal with the reality of unreasonable deadlines and difficult projects and shows you how to accomplish their goals without alienating your executive sponsors or the team working under you. Author Rick Morris has more than 10 years of project management experience in Fortune 500 companies, holds the PMP®, and is also a sought-after speaker at PMI® chapters. Here, he and Brette McWhorter Sember teach managers how to have a conversation with key project team members. While many books will teach the theory or discuss ideas, very few combine theory with practical data gathering and teach how to turn the data into real results. This book will show you how to get the appropriate data and use it to support everything you know is supposed to happen, but can’t see how to get done. Through the authors’ seasoned guidance, you will learn the fundamentals of good project management, including how to:
• Understand yourself
• Communicate on all levels
• Be trustworthy and give good information
• Turn around failing projects
• Really know when a project is done
• Apply the iron triangle (triple constraint)
• Apply the PERT methodology in project planning
• Never lose sight of the customer
• Avoid sacrificing your team at any cost
• Understand myths about status meetings
• Understand patriots and scuds
• Perform a real risk assessment
• Put risk in a project plan
• Use project management to make positive change to your corporate culture
This is a true insider’s guide that will teach you the skills you really need on the job that often aren’t part of the project management curriculum. It will enable you to make positive change—no matter how insurmountable the challenges seem.
Rick A. Morris is a project manager for several Fortune 500 companies and is a sought-after public speaker on project management. Brette McWhorter Sember is an attorney who has written more than 30 books including The Essential Supervisor’s Handbook.

The Little Black Book of Project Management
Michael C. Thomsett
| 3rd Edition| ISBN-13: 978-0-8144-1529-0 | ISBN-10: 0-8144-1529-6 | 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

This book is designed to help project managers take charge of any project and its individual responsibilities, like defining the scope of a project, scheduling and budgeting, identifying and assigning tasks.

Fully revised with new information about project management in the electronic age, the book also includes specifics about conforming with newly updated Project Management Body of Knowledge standards. Following those standards as outlined in this book allows project leaders to achieve:
* On-time delivery of results
* Superior organizational ability
* A reputation for dependability
* Consistent profit generation
The book features basic information on how to create the foundation and structure of projects, as well as a guide for accomplishing every phase along the way to completion.

Fundamentals of Project Management : Developing Core Competencies to Help Outperform the Competition
James P. Lewis
| 2nd Edition| ISBN-10: 0-8144-7132-3 | ISBN-13: 978-0-8144-7132-6| 2002 | DOWNLOAD |

Updated concepts and tools to set up project plans, schedule work, monitor progress-and consistently achieve desired project results.
In today's time-based and cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. This classic book provides businesspeople with an excellent introduction to project management, supplying sound, basic information (along with updated tools and techniques) to understand and master the complexities and nuances of project management.
Clear and down-to-earth, this step-by-step guide explains how to effectively spearhead every stage of a project--from developing the goals and objectives to managing the project team--and make project management work in any company. This updated second edition includes:
·         New material on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
·         Do's and don'ts of implementing scheduling software
·         Coverage of the PMP certification offered by the Project Management Institute
·         Updated information on developing problem statements and mission statements
·         Techniques for implementing today's project management technologies in any organization--in any industry.

101 Project Management Problems And How To Solve Them : Practical Advice For Handling Real-World Project Challenges
Tom Kendrick
| 1st Edition| ISBN-13: 978-0-8144-1557-3 | ISBN-10: 0-8144-1557-1 | 2011 | DOWNLOAD |

Even with a terrific project management program in place, problems can arise to derail your team's hard work. The last thing you need in the heat of battle is academic theory. You need field-proven fixes, practical answers to urgent questions, and simple strategies for navigating around obstacles. "101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them" explores a wide range of these real-world challenges, including how to: keep a project on track despite unavoidable interruptions; prevent unreliable outside collaborators from jeopardizing the entire project; manage project teams who have little or no project management experience; make up for lost time without cutting corners; and succeed in the face of threatened budget cuts. Filled with plan-ahead strategies as well as on-the-fly solutions, this helpful guide is the ultimate project adviser and on-the-job troubleshooter in one!

Project Management Case Book
David I. Cleland, Karen M. Bursic, Richard Puerzer, and A. Yaroslav Vlasak
| 1st Edition| ISBN-10: 1880410451 | ISBN-13: 978-1880410455 | 1998 | DOWNLOAD |

How do project team member get the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to perform effectively? One proven method is through the case study approach. The book offers 50 case studies that represent the breadth and importance of project management and its impact on the everyday management of projects.
Each of the cases provides new and unique challenges that have been mastered by the practice of project management. Readers will be able to apply the knowledge learned from this casebook in their work. The cases enable readers to see how and why projects are used in a wide variety of organizational settings in contemporary life. Readers are exposed to both successful and not-so-successful project management practices. The case-study approach encourages reader participation and active learning, and provides the opportunity to learn something of the real world of project management. It is essential in the curricula of project management training for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for continuing education, consulting, and in-house company training programs. The cases were chosen for their importance in discussing the fundamentals of project management. Most contain descriptions of actual projects, and each is followed by a series of questions to guide readers’ analysis of the article to maximize the learning process.

Project Management for the Technical Professional
Michael Singer Dobson
| 1st Edition| ISBN 1-880410-76-1 | 2001 | DOWNLOAD |

Are you an "accidental manager"? Dobson’s new book is the resource for technical professionals who suddenly discover that the skills that have made them successful aren’t necessarily relevant in their new role as project manager. Dobson covers management strategies for all technical professionals by combining solid information and extensive documentation with humor and perspective. He takes "ground-up" approach to effective management, assuming that the reader has no previous exposure or academic background, but is suddenly responsible for getting the job done! And this book works both ways. Not only does Project Management for the Technical Professional show how a technical rofessional can be a good manager, but it also demonstrates how a manager can oversee that "odd" breed we call "technical professionals." It’s a guide to the emotional challenge of management, a glossary to key terms and concepts, and a handbook for dealing with "Generation X" professionals and ageism—all in one book.
Remember…effective leadership starts within. Only through complete and honest self-assessment can you develop an action plan that sparks growth and achievement. Project Management for the Technical Professional not only helps you begin the journey, but it also brings you through to the end—successfully.

Project Management
Harvey Maylor
| 3rd Edition| ISBN-10: 0273704311 | ISBN-13: 978-0273704317 | 2005 | DOWNLOAD |

Combining a strong academic approach with relevant practical cases, this text skillfully shows the range of issues that face project managers throughout the project cycle. This new Media Edition comes with a free CD Rom containing a 60 day trial version of Microsoft Project for students.This edition is easier to use than ever before, with two colour text design and more diagrams and figures to aid navigation and understanding. Extra teaching materials are available online for lecturers at ww.booksites.net/maylor. Project Management is used extensively to accompany courses on undergraduate, masters and MBA programmes, as well as for in-company training and for professionals wanting to bring themselves up-to-date with developments in the field.

A Manager’s Guide to Project Management : Learn How to Apply Best Practices
Michael B. Bender
| 1st Edition| ISBN-10: 0137136900 | ISBN-13: 978-0137136902 | 2009 | DOWNLOAD |

THE FIRST EXECUTIVE'S GUIDE TO DRIVING GREATER ORGANIZATIONAL VALUE THROUGH PROJECT MANAGEMENT! / Align project management with business strategy / Choose the right projects and oversee them effectively / Structure your organization to promote better project decision-making / Manage multiple projects in complex globalized environments As an executive, you know there's only one reason to start a project: to add value. Now there's a project management book that shares your perspective: a book that helps you optimize the value of projects and project management throughout your organization. Top project management consultant Michael Bender reveals how to make sure all your projects fully support your goals and run effectively from start to finish. Bender shows how to use balanced portfolio techniques to drive maximum value from every project, systematically reduce risk in tough-to-manage globalized environments, and improve organizational performance through strategic outsourcing. As an executive, you realize the rewards or suffer the penalty of project results. Here are the tools you need to get the results you're afterand get them consistently.

Breakthrough Technology Project Management
Bennet P. Lientz and Kathryn P. Rea
| 2nd Edition| ISBN-10: 0124499686 | ISBN-13: 978-0124499683 | 2000 | DOWNLOAD |

Although there are many books of methods and tools in different areas, few books actually give detailed tips and lessons on how to effectively set up and manage projects. Most books on project management devote all their space to specific methods. Breakthrough Technology Project Management, Second Edition provides tangible guidelines through examples and suggestions to help people participate in and manage projects more effectively. The authors' techniques and guidelines have been proven over the past 15 years in courses and counseling. This book is a valuable tool for those working in information systems, engineering, computer science, operations and production, and other environments involving project management.
Key Features
* The Purpose of this book is to answer:
* How can the overall technology project management process be improved?
* Which systems projects should be given resources and approved for action?
* How can all systems and technology projects be better managed together?
* How can individual projects be better managed and more successful?
* What are specific guidelines for managing different types of projects?
The Scope of the Book Answers
* What projects should be approved?
* How do you formulate and start projects effectively?
* How do you manage single and multiple projects?
* How do you identify, analyze, and address specific project issues?
* How do you obtain results through communicating effectively with management, team members, staff, and vendors?

Goal Directed Project Management : Effective Techniques And Strategies
Erling S. Andersen, Kristoffer V Grude and Tor Haug
| 4th Edition| ISBN 978-0-7494-5334-3 | 2009 | DOWNLOAD |

Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) is a unique methodology that has been developed and refined by the authors over a period of more than 20 years.  In this time, organizations all over the world have adopted it as a standard approach.
The central focus of GDPM is to develop understanding, commitment and involvement while managing successful and lasting change. The authors emphasize the need for a ‘PSO’ (People, System and Organization) perspective that goes beyond the technical aspects dealt with by most project management literature. Goal Directed Project Management gives detailed and practical guidance on how to plan, organize and control these PSO projects effectively, presenting methods and tools that will increase significantly the probability of project success.
This fourth edition addresses the financial control of projects in a new chapter, presenting a pragmatic approach - based on GDPM methods - to this aspect of project management.


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (PMBOK Guide)

Project Management Institute
| 4th Edition| ISBN-10: 1933890517 | ISBN-13: 978-1933890517  | 2008 | DOWNLOAD |

The PMBOK9(r) Guide – Fourth Edition continues the tradition of excellence in project management with a standard that is even easier to understand and implement, with improved consistency and greater clarification.
·         Standard language has been incorporated throughout the document to aid reader understanding.
·         New data flow diagrams clarify inputs and outputs for each process.
·         Greater attention has been placed on how Knowledge Areas integrate in the context of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing process groups.
·         Two new processes are featured: Identify Stakeholders and Collect Requirements.
Project Management for Building Construction: 35 Years of Innovation at Drees & Sommer
Hans Sommer

| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-3-642-10873-0| 2010 | DOWNLOAD |

Without project management, the successful completion of major projects is no longer possible. This book describes all the basics with the help of many clear illustrations. In this edition the already very successful work has been complemented with contributions that take into account how communication and organization have become increasingly important in construction projects. The fact that land - municipal or private - now need to be prepared in a very focused manner to ensure its wise use and increase its value to reach is also considered, making the book of interest to project managers and construction experts who have realized that project development and comprehensive, integrated construction will be key issues in the future.
Project Management Methodologies: Selecting, Implementing, and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects
Jason Charvat

| 1st Edition| ISBN-10: 0471221783 | ISBN-13: 978-0471221784 | 2003 | DOWNLOAD |

Explore this comprehensive survey of the tools, tips, techniques, and tactics that project managers need to successfully complete their projects. Seasoned project management consultant Jay Charvat presents a detailed description of each methodology currently available, weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides a plan for implementation. He includes expert advice on putting the methodologies to use in both individual projects and across the organization and provides detailed guidance on maintenance and support.
Strategic Project Management Made Simple : Practical Tools For Leaders And Teams
Terry Schmidt

| 1st Edition| ISBN 978-0470-41158-2| 2009 | DOWNLOAD |


From the Inside Flap

The business world is more demanding and competitive than ever, and the old project management tools and methods are no longer sufficient. Getting any project accomplished requires better methods to think, plan, and act to achieve successful results.
In Strategic Project Management Made Simple, Terry Schmidt offers a fresh approach specifically developed for today's challenges. This project management system provides all you need to get the results you want—whether you're a CEO, executive champion, project manager, or team member. Proven in large and small businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and global corporations alike, this system maps out a step-by-step, flexible approach to planning and executing change initiatives that work faster and more effectively than any other method.
This breakthrough combination of business strategy and project management will show you how to:
·         Design practical action plans for any problem, idea, or opportunity
·         Align project objectives with organizational goals, vision, and strategic intent
·         Clearly communicate project strategy among stakeholders
·         Discover and eliminate potential pitfalls in advance
·         Get teams moving faster with clear plans that show who does what, when, and how
·         Improve working relationships and reduce conflict
·         Deliver on-target projects that increase performance, productivity, and profits
Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, by mastering the art of Strategic Project Management as outlined in Strategic Project Management Made Simple, you'll multiply your ability to execute new ideas and advance your own career in the process. 
Project Management: 24 Steps to Help You Master Any Project
Gary R. Heerkens

1st Edition | 2007 | ISBN: 0071486526 | Pages: 128 | PDF | 1.04 MB | Download |

Project Management gives you proven guidance in both the science and art of becoming an effective project manager, from coordinating and documenting the work to leading people to developing (and trusting!) your own judgment. Filled with action steps, this practical guide helps you get comfortable with the tools of project planning as well as cultivate smooth working relationships with people inside and outside your organization in order to achieve your goals. You'll see how to:
* Understand exactly what is required of you in your role
* Develop a logical plan of action
* Lead and motivate a team while actively managing your communication channels
* Make the best decisions for the project-and seek acceptable solutions rather than perfect ones
* Perform financial analyses and terminate unworthy projects in order to meet a bottom-line, long-term objective
* Manage all project stakeholders through consistent measuring against a pre-announced baseline for productivity
Effective project management isn't easy, but the payoff can be huge-both for you and for your organization. Project Management helps you develop the foundation you need to be successful in any project initiative.